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art, costume and set design

"It is through Art and through Art only that we can realize our perfection; through Art and Art only that we can shield ourselves from the sordid perils of actual existence”

I like to share with you my journey through the artistic and wonderful life I have led with my family and loved ones,My parentīs undying support, my husbandīs encouragement  and love, and my childrenīs inspiring youth.

I have been painting all my life, I have always been passionate about all forms of art and beauty. Painting , designing, listening to music, and growing in the world of arts, that it had become my life and captured my soul. 

I graduated from the Collage of Fine Arts in Egypt, and Got my BFA, after which I started working at Jordan TV station as an illustrator and artist, then gradually started doing sets and then costumes to big Historical  TV Series with both the Private sector while keeping my job with the TV station.

After twenty years working at the TV I had to to something,  in order to give the time and dedication required for working as a freelancer for the magiical world of  theatre  which I was a part of all the time.

I was ready to share the expertise and knowledge I have acquired over the years with the outside world, hence started the work with Hollywood movies being shot in Jordan, then followed a local al Jordanian movie that was produced  by an American company in Jordan, and is still currently shown around the  United Stated.

My journey has not ended yet, I am continiously learning , and working as a costume designer in the movies has taught me things I cannot possibly learn from anyone or any other job.

I still go back to painting in watercolours whenever I have the time, my daughter teaches me a lot about art. She helps me carr on in this journey with a lot to give on her part.

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